- Lao Tzu 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

I have always been called to help others.  For part of my life I worked in healthcare as a respiratory therapist working with many patients in the hospital or their homes. As my career progressed I became interested in clinical research and transitioned into this field while living in Texas.  Working on research studies became my passion for many years.  


For most of my life I was drawn to animals. No matter where I was, if an animal was present, I was the person on the floor playing with the dog or cat and only somewhat interacting with the humans.   While living in Texas a very special rescue animal came into my life that changed me forever.  Apollo was a large 110 lb blind Olde English Sheepdog.  We became inseparable.  I never quite learned how to ‘love’ until I met him.  This was when I first became aware that animals had to be a part of my life. Apollo is no longer with me but his spirit remains. 


Throughout the different paths of my life, I experienced various illnesses.  While searching for medical solutions, as the researcher I am, I looked for every avenue of care, outside of the area of spirituality and energy healing.  It was only when I gave Reiki a try, did I truly begin physical, emotional, and spiritual relaxation and healing. 


My life and career is now in Arizona, where I’ve chosen to provide the wonderful gift of Reiki to both humans and animals.  This is my soul journey and what a joy it is to share this special healing energy with others.


Included are a few pictures of the animals that came into my life.  Zoey is my current ball of energy (literally)!  I take pleasure in providing Zoey with daily Reiki sessions, mostly in the evenings when she is restless or licking her feet.  She usually relaxes, cuddles up to my side, and falls asleep.

I completed Master Reiki Instructor & Practitioner training at Reiki for Living in Lynnwood, WA and Holy Fire III Karuna Master Reiki training in Sedona, AZ.  I am a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP), and I adhere to its Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. 


Laurie Comeau

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Love yourself and watch - today, tomorrow, and always.  - Buddha
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