What To Expect At Your Reiki Session:

When you arrive, please allow for approx. 10-15 minutes to discuss the reiki process, to answer any questions you may have, and to review your primary health concerns/issues.

You will stay fully clothed. Please dress in comfortable clothing.  You will be asked to remove your shoes.

You will be placed in a comfortable position, face up, on a massage table.  A pillow will be placed under your head if desired.  A pillow will also be placed under your knees if requested. 

Reiki will be delivered with the practitioner’s hands held slightly above your body and/or via gentle touch on your body.  (Touch can be avoided if you prefer).

Gifted energy from the universe flows through the hands of the practitioner and into you, as the client (receiver of the energy). 

The practitioner will change her hand positions as needed.

After the reiki session, you may want to allow yourself 5-10 minutes to discuss your experience with the practitioner. The practitioner will also share her experiences with you.

Silence is a source of great strength.- Lao Tzu
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